Conference to look at future of consultancy and engineering industry

As part of its ongoing Future of Consultancy campaign, the Association for Consultancy and Engineering (ACE) is holding a special conference on Thursday 6 June 2019. The event will enable business leaders and clients in the engineering and consultancy worlds to come together to explore opportunities to drive business transformation and value through innovation.

ACE’s two-phased and multi-year Future of Consultancy campaign is helping the consultancy and engineering sector not only adapt to, but welcome, a new era of design and delivery in the built environment. A variety of research projects are in the pipeline which will draw together the best of existing research into a workable and deliverable programme for consultancy businesses.

Some of these projects will be highlighted at the conference which is expected to be attended by a range of business leaders (CEOs, COOs, strategy directors and business development directors) in firms creating Britain’s built environment; clients and asset owners, consultancy firms, contractors, offsite manufacturers and partners. 

Attendees at the conference can look forward to developing an awareness of, and capability for driving the successful evolution of their businesses. Delegates will also get to hear some ‘trade secrets’ from business leaders who are pushing change in their organisation.

As part of the ticket rate, delegates at the conference also get a place at an ACE dinner on 20 June for attendees of the Future of Consultancy event and ACE’s Digital Leadership Conference which. The dinner will bring together business and digital leaders to discuss the changes needed to future proof the consultancy and engineering sector.

Click here for more information and to register for the Future of Consultancy Conference.

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