JPG launches strategic land engineering service

Leeds based civil and structural engineering consultancy JPG has launched a dedicated new division in strategic land engineering. The new service links geospatial analysis with its existing engineering consultancy to provide full, early stage, site viability assessments to its clients.

JPG’s strategic land engineer Owen Lokuciejewski-Taylor has evolved the service through linking the data he is able to collect on any given site, with state-of-the-art 3D modelling expertise and close collaboration with JPG’s infrastructure team.  He joined JPG recently having worked with The Sirius Group in shallow coal mine remediation.

He said: “Geospatial analysis is a great tool in helping us to use data to prepare conceptual ground models that enable our clients to make informed decisions about their sites’ development potential.  With strategic land engineering we take it to the next level with a more complete assessment of all the land conditions and advise on the most viable and economic development options. It’s a strategic solution that is often missed between the analysis and interpretation of raw data and the resulting engineering solutions.”

Using strategic land engineering, JPG has recently assessed a former open cast mining site with challenging topography.  It was able to consider historical mining records alongside more recent site investigation data to model the site and establish the most viable development option whilst addressing these challenges. JPG prepared an earthworks strategy which included a cut and fill layout identifying developable plateaus, whilst addressing remedial solutions to account for sub-surface constraints. This enabled the client to realistically consider the likely costs and engage with a housebuilder to unlock potential for a site that was previously considered unsuitable. 

Chris Harding, director at JPG said: “As head of strategic land engineering at JPG, Owen is supported by our geospatial analyst Adam Murray to provide a powerful new proposition alongside our existing practice in infrastructure design. This elevates our service proposition to align ourselves as more strategic advisors on whole site potential.”

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