AECOM signs new partnership with the Social Value Portal

AECOM signs three-year partnership with the Social Value Portal to measure the impact of its social value activities in the UK and Ireland.

AECOM has signed a three-year partnership with the Social Value Portal to manage, measure and report the impact of its social value activities in the UK and Ireland. 

The Social Value Portal helps organisations to measure and manage the contribution that their organisation and supply chain makes to society, according to the principles laid out within the Public Services (Social Value) Act 2012. 

Using the portal’s bespoke new online system, AECOM will capture and monitor critical data about the social value it is delivering to communities across the country.

Over the last year, AECOM says that the number of its volunteering hours and days have both significantly improved. However, with the support of its new partnership with the social value portal, they say this is set to increase even more. 

Guided by the national TOMs framework, which provides a minimum reporting standard for measuring social value, AECOM has tailored each of the framework’s themes, outcomes and measures to encourage and enforce long term social value within its own business operations. 

AECOM has also introduced social value champions in each of its UK and Ireland offices, aiming to enable the company to form new partnerships with local charities and social enterprises to directly support local needs.

Using themes such as promoting local skills and employment, supporting growth of the local economy and protecting and improving the environment, AECOM says the system will help the company to understand the scale and breadth of its social value impact by capturing information about initiatives and projects across the business.

Dave Bennett, head of operations at AECOM, said: “Our new partnership with Social Value Portal will help us to better understand how and where we are delivering on our commitment to improve the social, economic and environmental well-being of the communities we serve. Inspired by our employees, who make a positive and tangible impact in communities every day, the system will enable a more focused approach to social value. As our workforce expands, it is vital we continue to empower future generations to build a legacy for themselves and those around them.”

Nathan Goode, head of strategy at the Social Value Portal, said: “We are delighted to be working with AECOM to help them manage and report on their social value. AECOM’s business reach means that our collaboration will contribute to making social value ‘business as usual’ in infrastructure and the built environment and create the conditions for social value by design at the early stages of major projects and programmes.”

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