Tender opportunity for seawater pumping system at Chile mine

Minera Centinela (Centinela), an Antofagasta Minerals Group mining operation in Chile located at 2,220 metres above sea level in the Atacama Desert, is about to launch an international tender process for the design, financing, construction, operation, and maintenance of a 144km seawater pumping system to supply its mining operations under a long-term BOOT-type contract. The project includes the transfer of its existing operating seawater infrastructure and the construction of a new pumping system next to the existing one.

Centinela’s existing seawater infrastructure has a nominal capacity of 1,340 l/s. The awarded company will operate the current water system that supplies Centinela and the neighbouring operation of its affiliate Antucoya, overhaul this system and design, build, operate and maintain a new seawater pumping system with a nominal capacity of up to 1,150 l/s which will supply Centinela’s growth project “Desarrollo Minera Centinela” from 2025 onwards.

Additionally, the tender includes the transfer and construction of 110 kV transmission lines and ancillary electric infrastructure including power transformers, electrical control rooms and mobile equipment.

Centinela is looking for a qualified third-party (company or a consortium) with considerable experience in the construction and operation of water systems which has the financial capacity to execute the project. The third party must deliver a reliable and economical supply of seawater to Centinela and Antucoya’s operations.

This tender will be led by ASSET Chile S.A. and is expected to be awarded in 2022. Prospective parties interested in this project should request additional information from ASSET Chile at

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