AtkinsRéalis and Turner & Townsend appointed to Pagabo frameworks

Jason Stapley, chief procurement officer at Pagabo

AtkinsRéalis and Turner & Townsend have been named as the lead providers for two upcoming professional services frameworks from Pagabo. 

The two frameworks – both of which will go live in April 2024 - provide a framework specifically for Scotland, along with a second covering all remaining areas of the UK. 

As with the existing iteration of the professional services framework, the Lot 1 providers will supply complete solutions covering the full spectrum of construction and premises consultancy services – with the new offering including management consultancy. 

The Lot 1, full service solution allows clients to access single or multiple services required for their projects through the appointment of a single supplier. 

Equally, it allows for the appointment of a strategic partner with the capability to provide a range of services. 

AtkinsRéalis has been appointed as the sole provider for the £780m framework agreement that covers England, Wales and Northern Ireland. 

This follows on from its position on the current framework and will therefore provide additional consistency for clients procuring services throughout the transition period between iterations. 

Meanwhile, the new £27m Scotland-specific framework has been developed with the opportunity to appoint multiple Lot 1 suppliers. 

Following the full evaluation of bidders both AtkinsRéalis and Turner & Townsend have been appointed to Lot 1 for Scotland. 

Jason Stapley, chief procurement officer at Pagabo, said: “These appointments are a key milestone in our Professional Services framework journey, and we’re pleased to be making this announcement as we continue to progress the renewal of the framework overall with the two forthcoming iterations. 

“Having multiple Lot 1 suppliers in Scotland has been a decision based on the way the market continues to evolve. 

“Both AtkinsRéalis and Turner & Townsend have incredible credentials and the capability to serve the public sector and we look forward to working with them to support development in Scotland through this framework.” 

The current iteration of the professional services framework will remain available for use until its expiry in early April 2024, when the new versions will go live. 

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