Aid to Ukranian workers sent by Network Rail

Aid mission recognises crucial role the railway has played in Ukraine.

Network Rail has lent its support to industry colleagues in Ukraine, with the delivery of large quanities of aid.

The organisation has worked with rail industry partners under the banner UK Rail for Ukraine, with organisations coming together to offer support, in recognition of the key role the railway has played in delivering people to safety and providing vital supplies to the front line. 

Network Rail has supplied eight railway bridges and 30 bridge support tower and tunnel repair systems, with a special focus on the country’s essential routes. 

Peter Gibbons, of Network Rail, said: “We have been on the ground in Ukraine to see the work in progress. We have seen the difficult conditions that the Ukrainian Railway is working under. They have already lost 300 colleagues during this conflict and the personal stories from their employees are heartbreaking.”

The first aid train left Britain on a special DB Cargo service bound for Poland, where it was received by organisations working on the ground. 

UK Rail for Ukraine is a rail industry initiative, set up by volunteers in early February 2022, to facilitate the delivery of large quantities of aid items to those affected by the crisis in the country.

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