What is the CIC BIM protocol

This is a supplementary legal agreement that is incorporated into professional services appointments and construction contracts by means of a simple amendment.  The protocol creates additional obligations and rights for the employer and the contracted party. The protocol is based on the direct contractual relationship between the employer and the supplier.  It does not create additional rights or liabilities between different suppliers.

The CIC BIM Protocol has been designed to be used by construction clients and contractor clients.  It is possible that consultants and contractors will use a version of the protocol to manage the work of sub-consultants and sub-contractors.

The key principles are:

All parties that are responsible for the production of Building Information Models on behalf of the employer should have the protocol incorporated into their contract/appointment.

The same version of the protocol and appendices should be incorporated into each contract.

The wording of the CIC BIM Protocol should not be amended

The protocol should detail all Building Information Models that are going to be produced by all parties contracted to the employer on the project

The appendices have to be completed with project specific information for all projects. This should be available from pre-appointment documentation such as the Employer’s Information Requirements.

Changes to the protocol and its appendices should be treated as variations to the contract

The CIC BIM Protocol Appendices are the only documents which need to be completed with specific project details.

Appendix 1 – Model production and delivery table.  This must include references to all Building Information Models that are required by the employer at each project stage.

Appendix 2 – Information requirements. This details the information management standards that will be adopted on a project.

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