Cameron plans to rebuild 100 sink estates

sink estate

David Cameron has pledged £140m to help knock down and transform 100 of the country’s most run-down housing estates. Speaking on the BBC's Andrew Marr programme on Sunday, Cameron said sink estates will be demolished or upgraded to create more attractive and safe homes.

"In many places these estates are ruining people's lives, stopping their aspirations. We want to help them by supporting the rebuilding of the worst of these so-called sink estates. Many were poorly built. Reconstruction will create more affordable homes in places," Cameron said.

Government will work with 100 housing estates across the country to either radically transform or knock down the worst estates and replace them with high-quality homes.

The nationwide strategy will be supported by a new Estate Regeneration Advisory Panel, which will be chaired by former deputy Prime Minister Lord Heseltine, a long time champion of the regeneration of Britain’s inner cities. The Panel will report in detail by this year’s Autumn Statement, according to a goverment announcement.