Atkins launches new business to reimagine social housing delivery

EDAROTH is currently delivering a pilot scheme with Lambeth London Borough Council.

Atkins (a member of the SNC-Lavalin group) has launched EDAROTH, a new subsidiary business which aims to reimagine the way social housing is delivered across the UK.

The new business provides end-to-end development solutions which focus on delivering social and affordable housing at the point of need. This addresses the social and economic challenges experienced by communities and individuals, by providing homes where they are most needed to support inclusive and sustainable outcomes. 

The EDAROTH approach prioritises brownfield and under-utilised land within existing communities, which are often considered too difficult or expensive to develop due to factors such as remediation costs, size, shape and site access, and sees the landowner typically retain the land, assets and ongoing rental income.

EDAROTH brings together design and engineering expertise, the latest off-site manufacturing techniques and construction partnerships to deliver new houses at speed, volume and at a significantly reduced cost compared to traditional new builds.

To mark its launch, EDAROTH has published a report, Unlocking Brownfield Land - A Social Housing First Policy, which calls for an accelerated growth in social housing and a renewed focus on brownfield land development. The report also reveals that English brownfield sites account for over 25,000 hectares of available, unused land – roughly the area of Birmingham and says that there is untapped potential to provide development space for over a million social housing homes, or 93% of current waiting list volumes.

Mark Powell, EDAROTH managing director, said: “Social housing is a long-standing national problem which will not be solved without innovation and positive disruption. Our approach allows us to deliver social housing where it’s needed most by transforming brownfield land to bring forward much needed housing developments which benefit from existing infrastructure, utilities and services.

“The name ‘EDAROTH’ captures our belief that Everybody Deserves A Roof Over Their Head and that everyone should have a place they are proud to call home, which is safe, secure and truly affordable.”

EDAROTH is currently delivering a pilot scheme with Lambeth London Borough Council. The four modern and spacious family homes which are in close proximity to transport links and local services, have unlocked a parcel of brownfield land previously deemed unsuitable for housing.

Click here to download the report, Unlocking Brownfield Land - A Social Housing First Policy.

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