Video: David Picton Carillion’s chief sustainability officer sets a 2020 vision

The on-going revamp of the nation’s infrastructure must be driven by the needs of communities, explains David Picton, Carillion’s chief sustainability officer, speaking at the recent Base London event.

“We are looking to the future and a lot of the work that we are doing in cities is on big regeneration projects,” he said. 

“The fundamental place to start when considering these massive projects is with social value – to start with the needs of the community and then to deliver against that,” he added. “To put something in place that lasts way beyond the construction process.”

Establishing a sustainable business, he said, is critical for Carillion’s future strategy, and means tackling social and environmental targets but also developing business models that underpin the firms profitability and competitiveness.

“It is about stretching the people around us to get sustainability in the front of people’s minds as the way that we do business.”

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