High Speed 2 project seeks experts to join Design Panel

Panel chair Sadie Morgan sets out to find team to help new high speed rail service deliver its vision for and “outstanding passenger experience and best value to the nation”.

High Speed Two design panel

The £50bn High Speed 2 project has started the process of recruiting leading experts from across the spectrum of design to oversee the critical development of High Speed Two.

Led by panel chair Sadie Morgan, co-founder of architecture practice DrMM and president of the Architectural Association, the 30 strong panel intends, she said, to operate as a “critical friend” to help steer the project in delivering its Design Vision.

“I am looking for a group of experts from across a wide range of disciplines. They will help make sure that design remains at the core of this project.” Sadie Morgan

“HS2 is one of the country’s great design opportunities,” said Morgan, who’s panel will oversee the design input to the entire Y-shaped rail network between London and Birmingham and on to Manchester and Leeds.

“HS2 needs to work not only for its passengers but for all the communities it affects.,” she added. “It should respect and enhance the environment and stand the test of time. I have confidence that with an influential Design Panel we can ensure that HS2 provides an outstanding passenger experience and best value to the nation.”

The HS2 project published its Design Vision in March 2015, which is said will embed design excellence into all aspects of project, helping it to become the wider catalyst for growth across UK.

“I am looking for a group of experts from across a wide range of disciplines to join HS2’s independent Design Panel.,” added Morgan. “They will help make sure that design remains at the core of this project and delivers all its potential benefits for future generations.”

HS2 chief executive, Simon Kirby welcomed the panel pointing out that design had a ”central role to play to ensure that High Speed Two achieves its full potential”.

He added: “It must work for everyone, not just those who use it. How the line exists in urban and rural environments; how its stations work as public realm and enable regeneration; how design should be inclusive. The Design Panel’s role, in keeping the project true to these aims, will be key to successfully delivering HS2.”

The Design Panel will begin its work in autumn 2015. Applications to the Panel can be made through HS2 website.

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