Jacobs develops Covid-19 modelling software to get transport moving again

Jacobs has developed a new Covid-19 modelling software programme in collaboration with the University of Cambridge to assist in planning a return to service for public transport operations and major capital programmes.

The programme is based on accepted probabilistic modelling techniques and fuses publicly available datasets for Covid-19 infection statistics, such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention isolation guidelines, other publicly available data and client or organisational-level data and explores the differences between virus propagation based on various non-pharmaceutical interventions. 

The model can be manipulated to create and assess various scenarios which clients may access – in combination with guidance from governments and health organisations, expert advice from medical professionals and internal mitigation strategies and protocols. This may help inform the decision-making process with respect to restarting public transportation operations, like rail, road and aviation, or in planning and executing major capital programmes. 

The probabilistic model has been reviewed by the asset management group at the University of Cambridge’s Institute for Manufacturing and is being used to help clients, such as Network Rail High Speed on the High Speed One network in the UK, make decisions as they plan for remobilisation and how future operations might be conducted. 

“This model enables us to help clients proactively design and deploy strategies that support people’s wellbeing and build business continuity and resilience,” said Jacobs People and Places Solutions senior vice president and general manager, Europe, Middle East and Africa, Donald Morrison. “The modelling can be used over time to help clients understand the impact of existing mitigations and is an example of the solutions that result from our ‘Beyond If’ innovation strategy,” Morrison said.

“The application of Jacobs’ impact modelling has helped to improve decision-making and understanding the effectiveness of our actions as a business in protecting our workforce and ensuring that we keep providing a vital service for the UK,” said Network Rail High Speed head of asset management Dr Joao Rocha.

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