Unlocking the green economy

EIC CEO Stephen Marcos Jones shares why now is the right time to refresh EIC’s engagement to help unlock the green economy.

EIC CEO Stephen Marcos Jones shares why now is the right time to refresh EIC’s engagement to help unlock the green economy.

As you will no doubt be aware, the policymaking environment is an ever-shifting world, and the introduction of the Environment Act provides a new paradigm for government and stakeholder activity.

The record heatwave last week is a timely reminder of the urgent need for action around climate change, flooding, and loss of biodiversity. However, I am convinced that even in a rapidly changing environment, the technologies and services which EIC members provide can help our world become a better place to live.

If we are to see the emergence of a green economy which truly delivers for people, planet and society, we will need to be a relevant, critical and constructive voice in the debate ensuring our members’ interests are not overlooked in an extremely congested space.

As focus turns to the Environment Act’s implementation phase, now is the right time to refresh our approach and ensure we can seize the opportunities created. Our new strategy will ensure we’re able to clearly articulate member concerns, determine actionable policy asks, and unlock the business opportunities of tomorrow that the new green economy will deliver.

Our refreshed approach will not only ensure we remain relevant to government and future government, but provide a great opportunity to showcase how our members will be providing the tangible solutions needed if we are to deliver on the ambitions of the Act.

This is not just about demonstrating the knowledge, skills and expertise of our members, but making the point that if we are to go beyond net zero to create a truly sustainable, nature positive society, this can only happen with the adoption of new technology, services and approaches that our members provide. This way we can turn our policy activity into the tangible differences that will positively impact on your bottom line.

I am convinced that this approach will also encourage more to join us on our collective journey. Growing the membership base will not only ensure our voice is even more impactful with stakeholders, but create new opportunities for all as we’re able to better to service your ever-changing needs.

We can’t do this alone, however. We will need your input to our renewed approach to ensure its success. Whether you have a working interest in air quality, nature and biodiversity, water and waste and resource efficiency, contaminated land, laboratories or net zero, we will only succeed if our groups and taskforces become hotbeds of inspirational people, ideas, collaboration and knowledge that we all want them to be. We’re looking forward to working with you to make this happen.

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Stephen Marcos Jones is CEO of the Environmental Industries Commission (EIC).

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