WSP energy reduction project win in Northern Ireland

New innovation project aims to minimise peak network loading in Northern Ireland to minimise the need for expensive network reinforcement.

WSP has been appointed to its second innovation project with Northern Ireland Electricity (NIE) Networks as lead consultant on the Demand Reduction through Voltage Control (DRVC) project.

This innovation project will introduce Conservation Voltage Reduction (CVR) into NIE Networks primary substations to reduce the energy consumption of their customers and minimise network peak demand.

If adopted as Business as Usual (BaU), the DRVC project will put downward pressure on the energy bills of electricity consumers within Northern Ireland, whilst improving the capacity of the network to host Low Carbon Technologies (LCTs) such as solar photovoltaics and electric vehicles.

As lead consultant on the two-and-a-half-year deal, WSP will be responsible for implementing the technology while analysing results from network trials in order to update all relevant policies and standards for NIE Networks to adopt the new DRVC system.

Anthony Donoghue, principal engineer at WSP, said: “This significant project illustrates the intent of NIE Networks to deliver the low carbon energy system needed to deliver the UK’s net zero target by 2050, and WSP is pleased to be playing an important role.

“We’re looking forward to leveraging our experience and learnings from similar network innovation projects in the UK over the next few years to decarbonise the electricity network in Northern Ireland.”

WSP is also currently supporting 8 Rivers Capital in conducting a feasibility study for the deployment of a zero-emissions electricity generation technology in Teesside, and recently launched a joint essay collection with thinktank Bright Blue - Delivering Net Zero: Building Britain’s Resilient Recovery - which provides a cross-sector blueprint on how the UK can deliver net zero by 2050.

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