Pagabo announces new civils and infrastructure framework

Jason Stapley, managing director of Pagabo, who have announced a brand new civils and infrastructure framework.

Pagabo has issued a prior information notice (PIN) for its newest framework, designed for civils and infrastructure projects within the built environment.

The framework will run for four years, with the option to extend to a further two years and will allow local authorities and public sector bodies to procure a range of projects such as rail, nuclear, bridges, roads, maritime, water, and power projects.

Jason Stapley, managing director at Pagabo, said: “Other areas that will be covered by this new framework ensure that those projects procured through it over the coming years are working towards tackling the climate crisis. This includes both tackling the impact of the climate emergency we are facing through flood alleviation projects and working towards net zero carbon targets using alternative fuels and developing greener travel infrastructure for the UK.

“This is the first Pagabo framework that Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Gateshead, will be acting as the contracting authority for, so we’re really looking forward to working with them to bring this new offering to the market.”

The Civils and Infrastructure Framework will feature five lots, covering value bands of up to £30m and above. Each lot will feature six regional and national organisations, along with three reserve organisations.

Stapely added: “Innovation is at the heart of everything we do at Pagabo, so this will be truly embedded into this latest framework offering, considering emerging technologies and project controls. Ensuring that our clients have a joint approach with contractors will bring forth these technologies and innovative methods of construction, allowing for quicker, simpler and smoother delivery of projects for clients.

“Also built into our framework development and tender processes is our dedication to SMEs within the industry, making sure that they are afforded equal opportunities across our frameworks – including this latest civils and infrastructure offering.”

An engagement session will be taking place on 23 June at 10am for this new framework. 

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