Midlands forecasts huge jobs boost in electric vehicle boom

New research shows 28,511 jobs could be created by regional EV boom in the Midlands.

Almost 30,000 new jobs could be created throughout the Midlands as a result of the Electric Vehicle (EV) boom in the Midlands, according to new research by WSP for sub-national transport body Midlands Connect.

The research showed that more than 28,500 jobs could be created due to the projected boom in EV use, with the analysis finding that 4,575 jobs could be created in EV charge point installation, 4,548 in charge point operation, 665 manufacturing jobs, 1,383 retail jobs, 3,157 energy distribution and storage and new 1,754 energy production roles. The figures also show that 10,872 jobs would be created in energy retail and 1,556 in value-added services.

These figures come alongside data released by Midlands Connect which suggests that the Midlands is on the brink of an EV boom and could see over 1.7 million electric cars on its streets by the end of the decade. 

Figures suggest that the Midlands will see a 2,475% increase in uptake in electric vehicles by the end of 2030, with projections predicting to rise from 68,713 EVs today to 1,769,855 on its roads by the end of 2030. This means nearly a third (28.4%) of all vehicles registered in the Midlands Connect area could be an electric vehicle by the end of 2030.

Giles Perkins, head of profession for future mobility at WSP, said: "We are on the cusp of a monumental change in transport and a decisive pivot away from fossil fuel-based transport modes to the age of the electric vehicle. This brings with it several challenges, not least the requirement for large scale deployment of charging infrastructure, which we must ensure provides convenient, equitable and inclusive solutions for all. However, this revolution also presents real opportunities for us through green investment and regeneration, new jobs and skills, as well as the benefits of improved local air quality, reduced carbon emissions and a spur to renewable energy."

Midlands Connect CEO Maria Machancoses said: “All of this action and change on electric vehicles will create thousands of jobs in the Midlands. We’ve calculated that the manufacture, maintenance and installation of the EVs and chargers we need to support the growing industry could create over twenty-eight thousand new jobs. These are well-paid, green jobs created in the heart of the UK. This is a huge step forward in our ambition to put the Midlands at the front of the global electric vehicle race.”

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