Consultancy and Engineering Awards: BWB Consulting is best medium-size business

BWB Consulting has secured the prize for Best UK Business Performance by a medium-size business for its resilience through tough economic conditions and an enduring and focused commitment on delivering excellent service for their clients.

Over the past three years, BWB’s business performance has strengthened considerably, growing turnover, profitability, staff numbers and also increasing staff utilisation and efficiency.  Long-term investment in improving BWB’s people, processes and profile has been the real driving force behind the firm’s impressive business performance. A strong supporter of the annual ACE Benchmarking project, they have used the results of that to help shape and develop the business over the past five years. 

BWB’s business planning capability and effectiveness has improved substantially for many years and the firm has seen a “sea-change” in performance over the second half of 2015, largely due to well-planned and targeted long-term investment in business process improvements, market positioning and people development. 

These steps, complemented by selective acquisition of two smaller businesses, have enabled BWB to expand its service offering, widen geographic coverage and compete successfully in new market sectors. This has resulted in a doubling of annual turnover from £2.37m in Quarter 1 2012 to £4.75m in Quarter 4 2015. 

As well as marking BWB’s 25th year in business 2015 turned out to be a truly remarkable year in terms of achievements, awards and accreditations. The firm’s bespoke academy programme has played a transformational role in the lives of staff and the success of its business. Last year BWB received the Investors In People Gold Standard, just 12 months after achieving Silver Standard. 

The firm has skilfully used industry awards to raise its profile in key market sectors and their success has been widely recognised by a number of construction and business related award schemes. The enhanced profile that awards and accreditations provide, combined with a growing portfolio of high-profile projects for an increasingly ‘blue chip’ client base has attracted some exceptional new talent to BWB. 

This year sees BWB at its strongest, most efficient and most resilient position in the 25 years since it was founded in 1990 and with an extremely bright and promising future ahead. The company’s vision to be recognised as an ‘employer of choice’ and to be seen as ‘a great place to work’ is steadily becoming a reality and not just a Business Plan aspiration.

Judges’ comments
“BWB Consultancy has consistently proven its business resilience through the difficult times and challenges during the recession, where the company has made business efficiencies and come through each cycle with strong growth. A stand-out feature of their submission was the exceptional recognition by their clients of the outstanding work they deliver combined with superior customer service. BWB Consulting put client relationships at the very heart of its organisation.”

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