Is this the end for the traditional 9-5 job?

Arcadis has just launched their latest 20-minute podcast in their Long Story Short series. The podcast discusses whether Covid-19 has triggered the end of the traditional, desk-bound 9-5, and what that means for how workers in the industry will do their jobs in future.

Their latest podcast highlights the fact that the world of work is changing – and faster than anyone ever anticipated. With the spread of Covid-19 rapidly accelerating a massive societal shift towards home working, the pod poses the question – is now is the ideal time for businesses to think about making some more permanent changes, once the crisis is over?  

Could this be the end of the traditional, desk-bound 9-5, and what does this mean for how those working in the construction sector will do their jobs in future? The podcast also explores how ‘from-my-home-to-your-home’ conversations are rewriting relationships with colleagues and clients, and ask how employers are reacting to this sudden upsurge in demand for smarter, agile and more flexible working.

And with major cities having previously been hubs for industry and commerce, could this new world of work change how people use cities in future?

The podcast lasts just over 20-minutes and offers an interesting and informative take on how the office of the future will look and how increasing collaboration is accelerating new thinking around the world of work.

Click here to listen to the podcast.

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