AECOM wins major Heathrow contract

AECOM wins “multi-million pound” Heathrow contract to support expected growth in passenger numbers at T2.

AECOM has secured a “multi-million pound” contract with Heathrow Airport as lead designer for its Future Terminal 2 (T2) Programme. 

Under the eight-year contract, AECOM will deliver design and project management services for a new baggage handling system and infrastructure to support the expected growth in passenger numbers at T2.

As lead designer, AECOM will be responsible for leading and integrating the design of all the various work streams that the programme will deliver, including demolishing T1 and creating new infrastructure for a permanent T2 baggage system. AECOM has supported Heathrow on the Future T2 Programme for the past year, with this new contract significantly expanding the scope of its role.

The contract follows a Project 13 alliancing approach, with Heathrow and AECOM working collaboratively as one team throughout the duration of the contract. AECOM will act as integrator to bring in appropriate suppliers and partners when and where they can add the best value.

Richard Gammon, managing director, aviation (EMEA), AECOM, said: “The programme’s delivery model enables AECOM and Heathrow to build one collaborative team focused on finding the best and most innovative solutions for this multifaceted programme. We bring global expertise in the delivery of aviation projects at some of the world’s biggest and most complex airports, working behind the scenes to help improve passenger experiences.”

T2, which opened in 2014, is currently supported by the baggage system at the now closed T1. The Future T2 Programme will deliver a new integrated system within the existing T2 site that will “provide timely and efficient baggage handling, enhancing the passenger experience and building capacity for future growth.”

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